AFD 3V Heads – CLEVELAND CYLINDER HEADS – Bare or Complete

AFD 3V Heads – CLEVELAND CYLINDER HEADS – Bare or Complete


AFD 2V Heads- Your choice of Combustion Chamber CC

Available as Bare Heads or assembled with Valves

Complete with Valves, Springs, Retainers and Locks including Installed Spring testing, blending and assembly

Packages available C1,C2,C3,C4 and Custom.

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3V castings are now in stock


Airflow Dynamics has for many years believed that the 2v style Cleveland cylinder heads are capable of producing more power and torque than most people believe they can.
Through relentless development and over 30 years porting experience of these cylinder heads,we have a clear understanding of the key areas in which these cylinder heads needed to be redesigned and brought into the 21st century, 2018 brings our latest 200cc- 2.18″ MCSA port design boasting an impressive
310 + cfm at a usable performance street engine level. 
Outstanding results have been reported back to us from our very satisfied customers all over the world, which is a testament of our commitment of testing and evolving this model of Cleveland cylinder head into a world class quality product

Material:                                         356 Alloy, T6 

Chamber Volume:                         55cc, 57cc, 64cc, 68cc, Options

Intake Runner Volume:                  200cc

Intake Port location                        raised .100″ over stock

Minimum Cross Section:               2.18 square inches MCSA 

Exhaust Runner Volume:             125cc – high velocity

Exhaust Port Location                 Raised .080” (near stock location) 

Valve sizes                                  Intake 2.110” (45 degree seat, custom 5 angles blended)

                                                     Exhaust 1.650” (45 degree seat custom high velocity radius/blended) 

Valve Guide Angles:                   Canted Valve angles
                                                    Intake 10.0 x 4.0 degrees
                                                    Exhaust: 9.5 x 3.0 degrees 

Valve Guides:                            Bronze .502” od x 11/32” stems .570″ shoulder

Valve Seat Inserts:                     Intake: 2.250” x 1.880 x 3/8 (Durabond 7000 series)
                                                    Exhaust: 1.680” x 1.430” x 3/8 

Spark Plugs:                               relocated for efficient fast burn
                                                    ¾ reach, 5/8 hex, washer seat (NGK-BCP7ES) 

Spring Pads:                              1.570” od/.560” id 

Valve Spring Height:                  1.960” (with stock length valve) 

Pushrods                                    5/16” or 3/8” (check required length)

Rocker Arm Studs                      7/16” unc

Rocker Arm Type                        7/16” stud mounted roller rockers (1.73 ratio)

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"55cc", "57cc", "64cc" ", "68cc", "70cc"

Bare or Complete

"Bare", "C1 Assembly", "C2 Assembly", "C3 Assembly", "C4 Assembly"

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